All of our listed chemicals have special uses. Please read the label instructions or descriptions carefully to determine which will be beneficial for your particular application. It is not our purpose to sell gimmicks, but to provide you with quality products to serve your specific needs. Our goal is to create safe products for use in the taxidermy and tanning industries. Towards this purpose, we have acquired the aid of three chemists - one specializing in tanning oils, one in tanning materials, and one in cleaning agents.

We strive to use raw materials which have been proven safe for both your safety and ours. However, certain precautions should always be exercised when handling chemicals. It is always advisable to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses as well as other necessary protective clothing when needed. Adequate ventilation should always be observed. Many chemical concentrates can be harsh on the skin perhaps causing dermatitis or allergies. For example, Kemal-4 is at least ten times as strong as the most concentrated dish detergent, as well as being mildly acidic. However, applying common-sense safety precautions will protect you as well as enable you to obtain your desired result.

Since the development of Liqua Tan, many new products have been introduced and added to our line. Periodically, you may notice a difference in the color or consistency of a particular product. This is due to the variance of raw materials, along with continuing improvements, but it does not change the effectiveness of the product. Liqua Tan itself has been improved eight times since its introduction, and we are continually working to create new and better products for our industry.

KNOBLOCHS was established in 1984, and has been located in Louisville and Lafayette, Colorado since 1991. The traditions of quality and service which have been our trademark, will not only continue but will increase. We plan to accomplish this through a) introduction of new products, b) expansion of our manufacturing facilities, c) strict product quality control and d) no increase in cost except when absolutely necessary.

Call any of our Colorado staff concerning your orders. Also feel free to contact Mark Daniels concerning technical questions.

Plant Life Preservative Instructions

Knoblochs Safety Pickle Instructions


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